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next time you hear a white person say “well if black people can say the n-word why can’t i???” you should ask them “why do you want to?” and listen as they try not to say “black people have something of their own that I am not entitled to and that hurts my feelings and makes me feel inferior”


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Send me a color


Scarlet - I like you.

Teal - I’d date you.

Red - I love you

Pink - I could stay on your tumblr the whole day.

Yellow - You’re amazing.

Purple - I miss you.

Blue - I want to meet you.

Lilac - You’re cool.

Brown - I don’t like you.

Green - I like your tumblr.

Black - I hate you

White - Delete your tumblr.

Lavender - give me your mortal soul/skype

Year 2.

My second year of college is going to start in a little over four weeks and I think it’s best that I review my first year just so that I know what to do/expect this year. Feel free to ignore this lol
My first year started out with anxiety mostly because I was so excited. It didn’t go as amazing as I thought it would in the beginning (no huge parties, no sleepless nights and non sober walks home) in fact it was just the opposite. I made the mistake of choosing my roommates and although they were good roommates (in terms of students) they weren’t fun. They preferred to stay in when I’d rather be out before coming back and slaving over my mountain of homework. This year however I don’t want it to be like that. I have a good bunch of apartment mates and I’m so excited to hang with them and other friends who may not be apt mates but are still great friends!
Okay now just cause this is hella cheesy I should probably do this.
Personalized messages; (nothing embarrassing just cause)
gaymboii dude I can’t wait til we’re apt mates this year. So much 420 activity will go on and so much more shade throwing and confused black girl meme hands being thrown around. Hopefully we make a lot more memories and get even closer with Luis and QTs and our apartment! Aaaaaand make more friends like Nelson so we could you know. Get hella high on the regular hahah.
luisthegenius dudeeee. You’re the new roomie. No pressure. The ones before you were crap so you’re already 1739305027481275929x better HAHAHAHA. I honestly can’t wait! Our room is gonna be pretty sick tbh if we can get the right decor around haha. And so many more 420 moments ahhh! And hopefully less puking on morning afters haha. And Lilo and Stitch viewings to get rid of stress! More like we’ll just sing the songs haha. Ahh so excited!
youreadarlingandiloveyou Even though we’re not apartment mates for the next year there’s still gonna be a bunch of memories made with QTs! So glad to have met you in spring quarter. Over the 5 weeks that I met you I can honestly say that you’re an awesome person and I can’t wait to make a lot more memories (and hopefully a few memory-less nights for us all hahahahah) and we can totally nerd out over LoK in person! Haha it’s all been online so far ):
slimepudding breeee. It was so awesome seeing you this summer! Even though we’re not apartment mates we will still make hella memories with everyone! I’m so glad to have met you after the retreat you’re a really awesome person and a great host also! Sorry for letting you take a few too many that night haha. Hopefully you enjoyed yourself though! And don’t worry I’m sure there’ll be a point where we’ve all taken a bit too much throughout the next year haha.
Even though the beginning of my first year wasn’t as amazing as it could’ve been I’m glad to be blessed with great friends that I can make hella memories with.
T minus ~28 days.